What is The Highest Possible ACT Score?

The ACT counts the questions you got proper. This raw score is transformed to “scale ratings.”.

The highest possible ACT rating is 36. Students can make this rating by understanding how the test is graded, taking practice tests, and effectively preparing. Keep reading for more information about how you can earn a 36 on the ACT.
What is the Highest Possible ACT Score?
The greatest rating a student can earn on the ACT is a 36. This number describes the Composite Score, which is the typical rating of the 4 parts of the test: English, mathematics, reading, and science..
How is the ACT Graded?
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The ACT is graded on your capabilities in the four sections of the ACT. Each area receives a rating of 1– 36, and after that the average of those four scores results in your Composite.
Here are some facts you should learn about how the ACT is scored:.

The ACT does not deduct points for inaccurate responses. This means you must guess on questions you dont know the answer to– there is no charge for guessing!

The highest possible ACT rating is 36. While you may have decided for the ACT Writing section, this rating will be kept separate from your Composite score and is graded differently compared to the other sections. There is no easy way to score the greatest possible score on the ACT! Prior to you even study for the ACT, it may be a good idea to take an ACT practice test right out of the gate. Rather, you will want to keep taking the main ACT to keep attempting for the leading score.

The Composite Score is rounded to the nearest whole number.

The ACT Writing is Not Included in Your Composite Score.
While you might have selected the ACT Writing section, this rating will be kept separate from your Composite rating and is graded differently compared to the other sections. Here, the greatest possible rating is 12, and the least expensive is 2. There are also 4 domain ratings (2– 12), which are Ideas and Analysis, Development and Support, Organization, and Language Use and Conventions.
How Can You Score a 36 on the ACT?
There is no simple way to score the highest possible score on the ACT! It is quite the accomplishment to even score a 36 on a specific section, let alone the whole test.
Youre going to have to start early with your preparation if youre intending for a 36. Here are some recommendations for trying for an ideal ACT score.
1. Have the Right Approach to Practice Tests.
Among the very first actions you need to take when it pertains to ACT prep is taking a practice test. This will assist you get a sensation for how the examination works, the types of questions that are asked, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie..
2. Take Your First Practice Test.
Prior to you even study for the ACT, it might be a good concept to take an ACT practice test right out of eviction. See how you do with very little prep and practice. This will give you direction for the months and weeks to come as you aim for that 36.
3. Identify Your Weaknesses and strengths.
One of the biggest advantages of taking ACT practice tests is the ability to identify your strengths and weak points on the examination. Some might discover at this moment theyre better fit for the SAT, too! Knowing your weaker locations offers you direction on where to study..
After your first practice test, score it. Where did you succeed and where did you do less than anticipated?.
4. Study, Study, Study.
As soon as you know where your weak points are, you can start to study. If you did poorly on the ACT math however well on the other 3 areas, for example, you will wish to devote more time to Math. That does not mean you should disregard the other areas, however, but comparatively, more effort needs to be put towards mathematics..
Students can study for the ACT using flash cards, ACT research study books, mobile apps, and other resources.
5. Take Additional Practice Tests.
In between research study durations, it can be handy to take additional practice tests occasionally. This technique will allow you to track your progress. You might even find youre doing better in math and now checking out requirements work..
Practice tests ought to direct your studying method, but your ACT prep should not 100% be used up by practice tests either. If youre simply taking test after exam, you will not advance much.
6. Always Follow the “Rules” of the ACT.
Studying is vital, but it isnt all there is to the ACT. When taking the practice tests, you should constantly try to recreate the “genuine offer.” This indicates sticking to the guidelines that you would face on test day: no reversing to previous areas, keeping within time frame, and taking scheduled breaks..
Trainees actually find while they can take on the subject matter simply great, they genuinely battle with the time restrictions. By constantly taking your practice tests under these constrictions, you can guarantee youre truly all set on test day for anything.
7. Work with a Tutor.
Another way to get ready for the ACT is to deal with a tutor! This might be someone in your city, through your high school, or through an online program. They have the experience to help you reach your goals with structured programs.
ACT tutors, nevertheless, can be pricey, and arent for everybody. Students interested in dealing with a tutor needs to compare their choices before deciding. Research study groups might also be readily available through schools.
8. Take Your FIrst ACT Early.
The quicker you take your first ACT the better. You can even see it as a practice test! This gives you lots of time to improve your score and go for the 36, while also getting some experience under your belt.
9. Keep Retaking the ACT.
A 36 is not likely to occur throughout your very first ACT test! Rather, you will wish to keep taking the official ACT to keep pursuing the leading rating. You usually have until the November or December of your graduating year to take the ACT, so between sophomore year and these months, you have numerous chances to sit for the examination!
While a lot of students will not make a 36 on the ACT, it is possible, however you cant go into the examination without prep. Practice tests, working with a tutor, and having the ideal method to studying will make all the difference, however might make a leading score a reality.
Colleges and universities are trying to find specific ACT scores from their trainees. Are you questioning how you compare? Our College Match tool and specific college pages offer you all the information you need about college expectations for the ACT and SAT.

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