What is the Hardest ACT Section? How To Uncover Your Most Challenging Part

The test is not necessarily “challenging” in the standard sense, however it might be more challenging for one student compared to the next. Well cover what some students struggle with on the ACT and provide you some pointers on how to conquer your hurdles.

If youve registered to take the ACT, you might be wondering: what is the hardest ACT section? And how hard is the ACT in basic? The hardest parts of the ACT in fact depend upon you and your ability levels!

Some Students Struggle with the Content

The ACT has 4 sections plus an optional composing area. The sections consist of English, Math, Reading, and Science. These parts of the test can evaluate on:



Mathematics with a calculator

Checking out

Algebra I and II

Checking out understanding in a number of various topics

This time restriction can be really tough for some students. Test takers cant remain on those hard questions; if they do, the run the danger of not having enough time to complete the remainder of the section. And if youre hurrying, you might be misreading questions, too.

There are 215 concerns on the ACT and just 3 hours to respond to all of them! And each section just has a specific quantity of time to address those concerns. In Science you get 35 minutes to respond to 40 concerns.


When it pertains to the passages, its a lot of reading (and comprehension of the reading) to cover. English, Reading, and Science all have passages and youre going to need to answer concerns on that content. If your reading speed is a bit on the low side, this could cause you to be continuously behind.

Some Struggle with the Structure.

Comprehending of passages
Research tables

Writing (Optional).

If they struggle in mathematics, for example, the math section of the ACT, even with a calculator, can feel like an uphill battle. The hardest section of the test will definitely vary from student to student.

How Can You Identify and Overcome these Hurdles?

Want to your high school experience. Do you deal with mathematics already? Or science? This might already offer you some ideas as to where youll have a difficult time on the ACT. You might likewise discover, on reflection, that you have a problem with tests that have time restrictions or youre a slower than typical reader.

Take the arranged breaks that include the ACT.
Never ever look at your phone or computer.
Dont search for math solutions or have a cheat sheet with you.
Utilize a pencil.
Have a piece of scrap paper.
Never turn back to previous areas if the time limitation for that section has actually passed.
Never anticipate future sections.
If you have time left in an area and have actually completed, go back to examine your work.
When you sit for the genuine ACT, Use other test taking methods that will assist.

Taking the ACT is already a demanding occasion. By focusing on your challenges now and determining your “hardest part of the ACT” you can work to enhance your rating.

If you follow all of these rules, you can get as near the real ACT you can in a more comfortable setting. You wont have the tension of the actual test, naturally, but taking practice tests can assist you conquer that stress and anxiety, too.

Do not Forget To …

Colleges frequently search for a specific rating in their applicants. Youll definitely desire to do well on your ACT if you want to get into your dream college. Use the College Search tool to search for your dream school and discover out what theyre looking for in a trainee.

Examine your finished practice test. Go over your responses and see how you scored Did you do terrific on Science but inadequately on English? Were you not able to complete the Reading section in time? These outcomes will be able to tell you exactly where you ought to commit your research study time over the next few months. Frequently taking ACT practice tests can also demonstrate how youre enhancing.

There is no clear cut answer to the concern “What is the hardest part of the ACT?” It will vary greatly from individual to person. Some students will deal with the content, others with the time restriction, others with the stress and anxiety that features test taking. However, taking steps now to recognize your weak points (and your strengths) will settle big time when it pertains to taking the genuine deal.

If youve signed up to take the ACT, you might be questioning: what is the hardest ACT area? The ACT has 4 areas plus an optional composing section. If they struggle in math, for example, the math area of the ACT, even with a calculator, can feel like an uphill battle. Take a practice ACT. Frequently taking ACT practice tests can likewise show how youre enhancing.

Take a practice ACT. This is where you download or print off an official practice test and established in your space or a study without any interruptions for the whole period of the test. Switch off your phone, let your family know, and place on sound canceling earphones if your pet is being a bit loud.

The ACT does have an official test preparation guide that you can get to help you if you are nervous or fee like you need additional resources.

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