Vivi – A Wireless Screen Mirroring Success Story for Education


Formerly the library structure, Lupton Hall had actually lain dormant for 5 years– really couple of had actually even gotten in the structure over that period. When the University received funding to turn it into a state-of-the-art, flagship education building, they wanted Howard Technology Solutions to discover them the best AV service.

Their strategy was to install wise power racks, laser projectors, and a cordless screen sharing option. Each would have desks grouped together in a rectangular shape, with an AV screen at the head.

Wade Johnston is a Pre-Sales AV Engineer with Howard Technology Solutions, based out of Ellisville, Mississippi. He had currently worked with The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on a number of jobs prior to they called him about the renovation of 3 structures all at once in Lupton Hall, Fletcher Hall, and the Fine Arts Centre.

Enhance without interrupting. Thats what a cordless screen sharing device needs to be able to do.

Why they pick Vivi

Throughout the process, Vivis onboarding team came forward. The team at Vivi had the ability to supply Tier 1 assistance throughout and provide visibility of all the gadgets as they were contributed to see where things stood in the procedure. This level of interaction was substantial for Wade.

Wade got an examination system and it really rapidly won over the essential decision-makers. Getting the recommendation of the Universitys Network Team was another crucial tick for Vivi. Having them on board from the beginning made the real application a breeze.

The application and onboarding procedure was smooth. With the network group completely bought the service, the initial cabling work was completed ahead of time and all Wades team had to do was offer them with the MAC address of each Vivi gadget. From there, each system just needed to be powered on, connected to the network and provided a room name. It actually was that easy.

Another advantage of Vivi is not needing to set up a server capture analytics– its all there in Vivis cloud admin website. Thats a substantial benefit when it pertains to keeping track of usage and tracking ROI, and its one of the factors the University has the ability to validate scaling up the Vivi rollout.

The team at Vivi are fantastic to work with. Often, consumers have an email from Vivi within minutes of him leaving a meeting with Vivi system shipping out right away.

And theres been absolutely nothing however appreciation from IT. There are no issues at all. Everybody enjoys; they love the Vivi service because it just works. The IT staff told Wade that Vivi was the best cordless screen sharing tool they d ever seen.

Working with Vivi.

The University was so impressed with Vivi that the choice was made to broaden the setup to include other buildings in the rollout, consisting of Fine Arts and Fletcher..

The University wanted to make certain they would get the ideal return on their investment. Part of the problem with the AV innovation they currently had actually installed in other areas was they had no usage information. At over $1000 per box and with more than 20 rooms to fit out, it was challenging to justify additional spending without having the ability to produce metrics to show ROI.

How Vivi compares to other items.

A simple application.

Why Vivi was the best solution for The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga:.

Wade was familiar with Vivi ( and understood it might deliver whatever the University desired. Aside from the requirement for cordless screen sharing, there were 2 key requirements. They wanted an extremely easy-to-use option that they can handle remotely. They also needed a service that would integrate with Office 365, so each user could enter the very same credentials as they would for logging into a computer on school. Vivi offered both. It was easy to utilize and might be managed and administered from another location. That suggested if anything went incorrect, it might be repaired without a member of the IT assistance group trekking throughout school to repair.

Vivi is the one that really attract both IT and the end-user. It is a simple, dependable solution that delivers what teachers say they desire: to link quickly and share their screens, something Vivi permits them to do with ease. That functionality is something Wade believes is very important. It doesnt matter how spick-and-span an AV rack is, or how sleek a device looks, what matters is that the person using the space each day can make the many of it. A device requires to enhance without interrupting; if a trainer has to stop and work out how to utilize it, or require time to connect, it interrupts the class.

As a Pre-Sales AV Engineer, Wades role is to assist guide consumers towards the right product for them; one that meets their needs for performance at a cost that is within their budget. There is a large range of solutions in the market, with differing degrees of elegance and each with its own unique set of features.

To date, the results validate the decision. Though COVID suggests the campus is still really quiet, the new spaces are reserved all the time. Instructors are utilizing the video cameras in the rooms to stream their lectures for remote learning and with 2-3 students going to face to face.

1. Capability to produce usage metrics at the touch of a button.

Vivi offers simple access to information on the usage and adoption of all units. Its best for delivering analytics to show ROI and validate further financial investment.

2. It was an option the network group were delighted to embrace.

The University had already tried a few wireless screen sharing tools. Vivi had an easy setup, straightforward firewall software guidelines, and a really tidy app. It likewise supported a vast array of operating systems, consisting of Linux.

3. Uncomplicated and simple to utilize. It fulfilled the requirements perfectly.

There are systems out there with fancier features, but theyre either very made complex to utilize, or troubleshooting needed to be done on-site. With Vivi its simple to use and fixing is all done remotely.

4. Bringing the active knowing areas to life.

It takes a flexible system to connect 20 screens and 2 projectors in a single class. Vivi assists the University accomplish its desire for an advanced knowing environment.

5. Simply providing what teachers desire.

Everybody is pleased; they enjoy the Vivi service because it just works. The IT staff told Wade that Vivi was the finest cordless screen sharing tool they d ever seen.

With the network team fully invested in the service, the initial cabling work was completed in advance and all Wades team had to do was provide them with the MAC address of each Vivi device. It is an easy, trusted solution that provides what educators state they want: to connect quickly and share their screens, something Vivi permits them to do with ease. Frequently, customers have an email from Vivi within minutes of him leaving a conference with Vivi unit shipping out right away.

Vivi is developed for the end-user. It enhances the class without disrupting it.


” The IT team informed me Vivi was the finest cordless discussion tool they d ever seen.” Wade Johnston,Pre-Sales AV Engineer, Howard Technology Solutions

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