Instagram Reels: What They Are and Suggestions For Classroom Use

Checking out the use of Instragram Reels in the Foreign Language Classroom (with ideas that can work in many topics!).

Use one of the most typical exercises in foreign language lessons, where a trainee brings a based on the class and speak about it. This can be a kidss toy, a picture album, a musical instrument, a photo, an autographed ball … Expand this task in digital format. Trainees need to inform in their posts about something dear or fascinating to them. It can be even cooler– to transmit live or make a Reels video. It is worth coming up with a hashtag for this task also: for example, #digital _ showandtell.

Students need to check out any location in the city where they are now, take pictures, perhaps modify these photos with services like this website, and talk about them. If you study online with trainees from various cities) or foreign penpals, the posts target audience will be classmates (. Dont forget to utilize Instagram Reels, Stories and, utilize your hashtag and go on a virtual journey with your students.

Do not forget that Instagram is not just about images and text. It is also stories with streams and Reels: brief videos in the design of TikTok. If you desire to understand about it, you can check out here.

Given the international appeal of the TikTok application, it is typical for others to get influenced by its concept. This is the case, for example, of Instagram, which just recently launched its new function: Reels. The concept? Release brief videos with montages and music. Combined with the power of Instagram, Reels can offer you a lot more visibility.

Nobody on the network speaks in scholastic expressions. Be sure to discuss popular expressions on the Internet in the introductory lesson. That will make your trainees comfy revealing their ideas in a foreign language.

Ask students to write foreign-language eyeliners under their summertime photos or Reels videos and mark them with a typical tag– for example, #mysummer (but its better to come up with your hashtag together, its more intriguing!). It is a wonderful method to stay in touch during the summer season vacations and pump up abilities. And according to its outcomes, it will be possible to make a choice of the best publications. You can collect them into a small job. Encourage students to comment on each others records. Let them publish as numerous interesting posts and Reels as possible.

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Among the trainees favorite reading jobs is checking out a text and choosing an appropriate name for it. Turn the very same thing on Instagram. You publish a 15-seconds Reels episode. And your trainees must come up with a signature for it– naturally, in a language you study. You will need to reward the very best deal somehow. Create an incentive ahead of time and notify students about it. Simply put, motivate yourself to be active, as is customary in social media networks.

Make certain to share whatever you can: inspiration, ideas and tricks for videos and images, academic Instagram accounts. For instance, you can advise blog writers you follow in addition to language learning pages that will replenish their vocabulary. Ask students to tell who they like from foreign bloggers and why.

Right now, what works thunder on the internet is certainly TikTok. So Instagram decided to draw inspiration from the idea of the Chinese application by producing a brand-new feature: Reels.

The primary principle of Instagram is to be original and passionate about what you do. Telling about your interests, hobbies, and objectives is a terrific chance to enhance your language skills. And you can discover foreign-speaking similar people.

Work, Study, and Travel.

Show and Tell.

Ask your trainees to compose their Instagram labels on the board by the end of the lesson. Naturally, they also have to register for each other. Now you can run a difficulty!

Lets take a look at some easy concepts using the example of finding out foreign languages. You can apply them in class and after school hours and adapt them to any subject.

The principle is the exact same: make videos of up to 15 seconds. Reels use the chance to reveal their complete creativity.

This is frequently the case on social networks: when a principle works, other platforms copy or adapt it rapidly. This held true, for instance, with Snapchat stories taken from Instagram.

Now, your students are your primary audience, so set them an example. Keep your Instagram page publishing intriguing content.

Today it is difficult to discover a person who does not have an Instagram page. Here are some pointers which show how to utilize Instagram for schools with its newest feature Reels.

Some trainees might be embarrassed to compose in a foreign language right away. That is because buddies, relatives, and classmates will see their posts. You can develop a basic chat where trainees can compose their concerns to do this.

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Blog site and Share.

Run a challenge to pronounce tongue tornados or hard-to-pronounce words. You can record stories with a tongue tornado and mark three of your trainees. They take the challenge and tape-record their stories challenging their other classmates. You can utilize both good friends and random Instagram customers. It will be fun!

It is one more method to use Instagram at school and create Reels. Ask the trainees to take a video and find of what seems unusual to them, stand out of the normal. … you do not require to write a post itself, however make grammatical errors in it on purpose!

A few important points.

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Action: prepare and perform a thematic lesson on Social Media in the class. Make the most of excellent ready-made strategies. Why do individuals quit social media or Social Networking sites?

Releasing an Instagram difficulty.

I hope such after-school activities will assist your trainees improve their language abilities!

Some trainees might be humiliated to write in a foreign language right away. That will make your students comfortable expressing their ideas in a foreign language.

Ask your students to write their Instagram nicknames on the board by the end of the lesson. Use one of the most common exercises in foreign language lessons, where a trainee brings a subject to the class and talks about it. Do not forget to utilize Instagram Reels, Stories and, use your hashtag and go on a virtual journey with your students.


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