How to Prepare for the Common App

You absolutely should take some time to enjoy your summer season, but if youre a junior ready to head to senior year, do not ignore your college applications entirely! You ought to actually complete a couple of steps over the coming weeks so youre not rushing at the last minute to get it all done. We advise starting early, getting included, noting your due dates, and more. , if one or more of your possible colleges accepts the Common App (over 900 schools use it for their college admissions process!), here are some jobs you can do over your summertime break to have all your ducks in a row.

Get Involved

Colleges and universities are looking for students who go beyond grades, beyond the basics. And taking action now can do wonders to constructing out your Common App.

Know Your Deadlines

The Common App comes offered on August 1st. That doesnt indicate you have to get it all done by that date, however you do need to know due dates for the Common App and the numerous components. You can even download the Common App mobile app to get pointers!

Application Due Date

The application due date depends entirely on the kind of system youre applying under: Early Action, Early Decision, Early Decision II, and Regular Decision. Due dates can likewise differ from school to school, even if theyre all utilizing the Common App! Make sure to examine each individual schools application due dates so youre not missing out on any.

These are a few of the more typical due dates:

Early Action and Early Decision: Early or mid November

Early Decision II and Regular Decision: January 1st

You definitely shouldnt wait till those deadlines to finish the Common App! Particular parts of the application likewise take time to get, like the letters of recommendation.

ACT or SAT Cut Off Date

In order for your outcomes to arrive in time for your application consideration, the SAT or ACT needs to be taken in early December. Test dates will vary from year to year, however for the 2021-22 academic year, for example, the cutoff dates were December 4th for the SAT and December 11th for the ACT.

However, you do require to take your ACT or SAT exams with lots of time. We recommend taking the ACT or SAT in the spring of your junior year, however if you wish to take it a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time, when is the most recent you can sit for the examinations?

Lots of schools still need the ACT or SAT for their applicants. And even schools where its “recommended,” you need to still take it. The ACT or SAT could be a choosing consider your approval letter, and going above and beyond will set you apart from other students.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Nevertheless, that does not suggest you must wait long. If you wait, colleges and the federal government can and will run out of money!

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) isnt exactly needed for your Common App, however you should still know when it becomes available and the due date. It comes online October 1st, and doesnt in fact close until June almost 2 years later on. So, the FAFSA that comes out this year (2022) would not be due until June 2024.

Collect What You Need

Do you understand what the Common App needs? The application will also demand:

Information on your education
Extracurricular information
Demographic information
Household information

Including your parents education and work history

Potential enrollment year
High school transcripts
Letter of recommendations

They really allow you to welcome others and instructors to upload the letters directly to your application!

The schools youre planning to use to

Admission requirements can differ from school to school

Any additional information the college or university demands

Brainstorm Your Essay

The Common App does help make the college essay a little bit easier! The subjects available modification from year to year, so be sure youre looking at the appropriate triggers.

In the past, the Common App has actually asked trainees to compose about such things as:

The Common App may not come online till August 1st, however that does not suggest you cant do a bit of legwork ahead of time. Getting a relocation on this summertime will enable you to have less demanding fall and winter season seasons!

Significant parts of your background
Setbacks and challenges and how you conquered them
Times youve shown gratitude
Your passions
Or perhaps your own concept and not based upon any of the existing triggers!

You absolutely ought to take time to enjoy your summertime, however if youre a junior about to head to senior year, do not forget about your college applications totally! Colleges and universities are looking for trainees who go beyond grades, beyond the fundamentals. You can even download the Common App mobile app to get suggestions!

Deadlines can likewise differ from school to school, even if theyre all utilizing the Common App! The Common App does help make the college essay a little bit simpler!

Not quite sure what schools youll be using to yet or arent sure if they require the Common App? Our College Match tool can help you with your college search and assist you discover the finest alternatives that fit you, your goals, and your accomplishments.

To conceptualize a few of these subjects over the summer season, begin considering difficulties youve faced, your passions in and outside of school, and impactful minutes in your life. When the next set of Common App triggers come out, you need to have an excellent list of things to choose from!

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