How to Improve SAT Reading Scores | 8 Easy Steps

Are you fighting with your SAT reading, or desire to enhance your score to lead to a much better SAT Composite Score? There are lots of ways to study for this specific area of the exam. To enhance your SAT reading, you need to first understand what to expect and what typical mistakes other trainees made. Youll desire to focus on time management, practice tests, and understanding the techniques the test uses to confuse you.

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1. Know What to Expect

The SAT Reading portion of the examination is 65 minutes long, has 5 passages for you to check out (4 single and 1 set of 2), and includes 52 multiple-choice questions. Each particular question will have 4 answer options.

These passages and questions are designed to test your

Reading comprehension
Understanding of textual evidence
Understanding of central ideas or styles
Vocabulary in and out of context
Comprehending of the overarching ideas of the passage
Capability to examine and understand relationships
Ability to understanding function, perspective, and arguments
Understanding of charts and information
Capability to compare 2 passages

Know the Common Mistakes

We discussed how to get rid of some of these difficulties below.

There are several errors that SAT test takers make when taking the Reading section. They include

Poor time management
Missing out on the context and, therefore, misconstruing the following concerns
Using individual predispositions, outside information, or opinions to address the concerns
Misinterpreting the charts or not understanding how to use them to get info
Failing to utilize procedure of removal

2. Handle Your Time

While you certainly want to have your finest shot at getting the right answer, you do not want to waste a lot time on one passage that you have little for the next. If youre rereading the exact same areas over and over once again, attempting to understand what theyre saying in a single sentence, try to break the habit. Its likely that sentence has nothing to do with the concerns!

Time management goes the other way, too. Take some time to determine what the question is talking about prior to leaping to what is seemingly the “obvious answer.”

When it concerns the reading section of the SAT, lots of trainees feel they just dont have time to finish the section. This is likely due to the trainee rereading the concerns and passages to make sure theyre answering it correctly.

3. Study.

Take Practice Exams.

Speak with Your Teacher About Graphs.

You might also wish to consider taking an SAT prep course, signing up with a SAT prep group at your school, or trying to find a tutor to assist you.

One of the advantages of the practice exam is that they reveal you where your strengths and weaknesses lie. If youre having a hard time in the reading section, however succeeding in the math area, then you ought to be focusing more of your research study time on reading. Youll likewise desire to understand what youre failing to understand in the reading section. Is it viewpoint, arguments, the graphs, or something else?

Among the very best ways to enhance your SAT reading score (or any element of the SAT, really) is to take practice examinations. This will not only help you with time management– youll discover where you can slow down and where you require to accelerate– but it will enable you to get a feel for the kind of passages and concerns the exam tends to cover.

Work On Your Weaknesses.

If youre struggling with understanding the chart parts of an examination, make certain to talk with a mathematics, science, or English teacher who may have the ability to assist you. They can also point you towards additional resources that can make it easier to understand what the data is attempting to inform you.

There are plenty of methods to study for the SAT, and that includes the reading area. You ought to be taking practice tests (see how they assist listed below), utilizing flash cards for vocabulary, and reading in your spare time. This extra reading will definitely pay off if youre a sluggish reader or are looking to increase your reading speed.

Practice really does make perfect, and you dont desire your very first introduction with SAT reading to be throughout the real deal.

4. Remember Theyre Trying to Confuse You.

If a whole passage is confusing to you, its okay– you can skip that, too, and go back to it later on as long as youre managing your time properly.

Did you understand that the SAT reading is in fact developed to confuse you? That might feel a little “unreasonable,” however its a way to make sure youre really comprehending the reading as well as the concerns.

The concerns youre provided on the SAT Reading are in sequential order, not in order of difficulty. The first question will be about the passage as an entire, but then the rest will continue drawing from the passage in a sequential order. If youre investing too much time on that question, go to the next, and return.

If you feel baffled about how to respond to a question, attempt to unwind, re-read the question, and understand what youre missing. , if youre still not getting it … 5.. Skip Questions.

6. Do Not Let Your Personal Opinions Creep In.

The point of the SAT reading area is to test your understanding of the passage and the passage alone. If the concern has words like “imply, suggest, or presume,” theyre attempting to trick you!

7. Take Notes.

Did you understand you can write directly on the SAT book? Youll likewise have a little bit of scrap paper. Use these areas to take notes! Underline sentences or words you believe are necessary in the passage itself. The scrap paper can be used to take down your thoughts and understanding of the reading. When its time to answer the concerns, these can show exceptionally useful.

And remember take the notes as you check out. Dont take the notes after youve finished the passage. This only wastes time as you need to go back and double check things.

8. Take the SAT Twice.

Are you having a hard time with your SAT reading, or want to improve your rating to result in a better SAT Composite Score? The SAT Reading part of the examination is 65 minutes long, has 5 passages for you to read (4 single and 1 set of 2), and contains 52 multiple-choice concerns. The concerns youre presented on the SAT Reading are in sequential order, not in order of difficulty. The point of the SAT reading section is to check your understanding of the passage and the passage alone. The SAT reading can feel like a daunting area for some, particularly if you do not read a lot in your spare time.

The SAT reading can seem like an overwhelming section for some, particularly if you do not read a lot in your extra time. Which leads us to our final idea: find out more! Reading in your spare time will help you with your comprehension skills as well as your capability to check out quickly. And, theres no doubt, reading assists us better understand the world around us.

And do not fret– if you do worse on your 2nd examination, the finest SAT outcomes are the only ones sent to your school.

Wish to see what score you require to get on the SAT reading areas or for your Composite Score in order to get into your dream college? Our College Match tool will aid with that.

Did you know that its recommended that you take the SAT (or ACT) at least twice? Taking the exam a second or 3rd time will naturally help you enhance your Reading rating.

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