GTC Wrapup: NVIDIA CEO Outlines Vision for Accelerated Computing, AI, Omniverse, Avatars and Robots in Keynote

Huang showed how NVIDIA Omniverse– the companys virtual world simulation and collaboration platform for 3D workflows– brings NVIDIAs innovations together.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang demonstrated how Project Maxine for Omniverse Avatar links computer system vision, Riva speech AI, and avatar animation and graphics into a real-time conversational AI robot– the Toy Jensen Omniverse Avatar.

” A consistent style youll see– how Omniverse is utilized to simulate digital twins of warehouses, plants and factories, of physical and biological systems, the 5G edge, robots, self-driving cars and trucks, and even avatars,” Huang said.

Huang ended by revealing NVIDIA will construct a digital twin, called E-2, or Earth Two, to forecast and simulate climate change.

Bringing simulation of real and virtual worlds to everything from self-driving lorries to avatars to robotics to modeling the worlds environment, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang Tuesday presented innovations to change multitrillion-dollar industries.

And he revealed a presentation of Project Tokkio for customer support and Project Maxine for video conferencing with Omniverse Avatar.

Huang provided a keynote at the businesss virtual GTC event where he unveiled NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar and NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator, among a host of statements, demos and far-reaching efforts.

Full Stack, Data Center Scale, and Open Platform

That starts with three chips, the GPU, CPU and DPU, and systems– DGX, HGX, EGX, RTX and AGX– covering from cloud to the edge, he said.

Accelerated computing introduced modern-day AI, and the waves it started are concerning science and the worlds markets, Huang stated.

NVIDIA has developed 150 velocity libraries for 3 million developers, from graphics and AI to robotics and sciences.

Cybersecurity is a leading concern for nations and companies, and Huang revealed a three-pillar zero-trust framework to deal with the obstacle.

BlueField DPUs isolate applications from facilities. NVIDIA DOCA 1.2– the newest BlueField SDK– enables next-generation distributed firewalls. NVIDIA Morpheus, assuming the interloper is currently inside, uses the “superpowers of sped up computing and deep knowing to find trespasser activities,” Huang said.

Quantum-2 uses the severe efficiency, broad availability and strong security needed by cloud computing suppliers and supercomputing centers, he stated.

And NVIDIA is presenting 65 brand-new and updated SDKs at GTC.

Huang presented NVIDIA Quantum-2, “the most innovative networking platform ever constructed,” and with the BlueField-3 DPU, invites cloud-native supercomputing.

” NVIDIA accelerated computing is a full-stack, data-center-scale and open platform,” Huang said.

Omniverse Avatar and Omniverse Replicator

Omniverse Enterprise is now readily available beginning at $9,000 a year.

NVIDIA has developed 2 replicators: one for basic robotics, Omniverse Replicator for Isaac Sim, and another for self-governing lorries, Omniverse Replicator for DRIVE Sim.

Huang additionally revealed Project Maxines capability to include advanced video and audio features to virtual collaboration and content production applications.

NVIDIA DRIVE is NVIDIAs full-stack and open platform for autonomous cars, and Hyperion 8 is NVIDIAs most current total software and hardware architecture.

Huang comprehensive several brand-new technologies built into Hyperion, including Omniverse Replicator for DRIVE Sim, a synthetic data generator for autonomous vehicles constructed on Omniverse.

To help designers to develop the huge quantities of information required to train AI, NVIDIA revealed Omniverse Replicator, a synthetic-data-generation engine for training deep neural networks.

NVIDIA is now running Hyperion 8 sensing units, 4d understanding, deep learning-based multisensor fusion, feature tracking and a brand-new planning engine.


The within the automobile will be revolutionized, too. The technology of NVIDIA Maxine will reimagine how we engage with our cars and trucks.

To enjoy a replay of the keynote, tune in at 8 am Pacific Time, with on-demand viewing available thereafter. Just point your web browser to the GTC site to view..

” The goal is for the robot to not know whether it is inside a simulation or the real world,” Huang stated.

He likewise revealed a demonstration of Project Tokkio, a customer-service avatar in a restaurant kiosk, able to see, speak with and comprehend two customers.

AI Models and Systems.

An upgrade to Triton, a reasoning server for all work, now reasonings forest models and does multi-GPU multi-Node inference for large language designs.

NVIDIAs Isaac environment now has more than 700 partners and companies, a number that has actually grown 5 times in the last 4 years.

NVIDIA DOCA 1.2– the newest BlueField SDK– allows next-generation dispersed firewalls. NVIDIA Morpheus, presuming the interloper is already within, uses the “superpowers of accelerated computing and deep learning to spot trespasser activities,” Huang said.

To assist this process, Isaac Sim Replicator can produce synthetic data to train robotics.

Replicator imitates the sensors, generates data that is automatically identified, and with a domain randomization engine, produces varied and rich training information sets, Huang described.

Its sensing unit suite includes 12 electronic cameras, nine radars, 12 ultrasonics and one front-facing lidar. All processed by 2 NVIDIA Orin SoCs.

Huang presented Nemo Megatron to train large language models. Such designs “will be the greatest mainstream HPC application ever,” he stated.

Huang revealed how Project Maxine for Omniverse Avatar connects computer system vision, Riva speech AI, and avatar animation and graphics into a real-time conversational AI robot– the Toy Jensen Omniverse Avatar.

NVIDIA is partnering with data center powerhouse Equinix to pre-install and integrate NVIDIA AI into information centers worldwide.

A demo revealed a female speaking English on a video call in a loud coffee shop, however she can be heard plainly without background noise. As she speaks, her words are transcribed and equated in real time into French, Spanish and german. And, thanks to Omniverse, theyre spoken by an avatar able to engage in conversation with her exact same voice and intonation.

” All the innovations weve created as much as this moment are required to make Earth Two possible,” Huang said.

Self-governing Vehicles.

To assist developers produce interactive characters with Omniverse that can see, speak, converse on a wide variety of topics and comprehend naturally spoken intent, NVIDIA revealed Omniverse Avatar.

Because its launch late last year, Omniverse has actually been downloaded 70,000 times by designers at 500 companies.

Huang revealed the NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform can now be easily integrated into the Robot Operating System, or ROS, a widely-used set of software libraries and tools for robot applications.

Huang finished up by announcing NVIDIA will construct Earth Two, or E-2, to anticipate and imitate climate modification.

” With Maxine, your car will become a concierge,” Huang stated.

To help provide services based on NVIDIAs AI innovations to the edge, Huang announced NVIDIA Launchpad.

Earth Two.

Isaac Sim, constructed on Omniverse, is the most sensible robotics simulator ever created, Huang described.

NVIDIA Modulus, introduced Tuesday, develops and trains physics-informed maker learning models that can find out and follow the laws of physics.

And Huang presented three new libraries.

A demo showed a woman speaking English on a video contact a loud coffee shop, but she can be heard plainly without background noise. As she speaks, her words are transcribed and equated in genuine time into French, German and Spanish. And, thanks to Omniverse, theyre spoken by an avatar able to talk with her same voice and articulation.

With Omniverse, “we now have the technology to create new 3D worlds or model our physical world,” Huang said.-.

Graphs– an essential information structure in contemporary information science– can now be predicted into deep-neural network frameworks with Deep Graph Library, or DGL, a new Python package.

Everything that moves will be autonomous– fully or primarily autonomous, Huang said. “By 2024, the large majority of brand-new EVs will have substantial AV capability,” he added.

ReOpt– for the $10 trillion logistics industry.
cuQuantum– to accelerate quantum computing research.
cuNumeric– to speed up NumPy for researchers, data scientists and artificial intelligence and AI scientists in the Python community.

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