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Canva throughout the day.
One of my most-used tools on Canva lets me develop custom-made Google Classroom headers. This year, Im tailoring our Google Classroom header to what we are studying.
In the past, Ive changed the header weekly with a historic image and consisted of a slide deck in our Google Classroom Stream with info about the photo and links to check out and discover more. This exploration was one of the alternatives for early finishers. Students likewise submitted their own potential historical photos of the week, which I formatted in Canva.
There are tons of totally free alternatives that you can use and tailor if you do not feel like making initial Google Classroom headers.

In the example below, I used a flashcard design template and added pictures of statues as a nod to our study of ancient civilizations, then asked trainees to talk about with their tablemates which statue best revealed their state of mind for the day.Another Question of the Day Slide, using a flashcard design template (listed below).

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For several years Google Slides has actually been my go-to for everything in my class, even projects that might make more sense on Google Docs. I like the ease of formatting and the options for images that I might use to Google Slides.
Recently, though, my head has actually been turned by Canva, a graphic design platform that has both complimentary and paid subscription choices. I want to share all the fun Ive been having with Canva over the past few years. (This isnt a marketing piece– its just me in my classroom.).

Students likewise submitted their own possible historical pictures of the week, which I formatted in Canva.
For a formative evaluation on our lessons about the repatriation of artifacts, I wanted to give students a choice of different civilizations and whether they read a short article or saw a video clip. I developed a Canva file linking the 4 alternatives, as well as an image to ignite student curiosity. My students use Canva, as well, to develop infographics and discussions. The trainee wrote a claim, mentioned evidence, and explained their ideas.

Trainees produce with Canva.
My students utilize Canva, too, to create infographics and discussions. When provided an option of the method they will utilize to create an item, about a 3rd of them select Canva. (I should note that they do wish they had actually the paid version, as there are numerous more choices available.).
Here is a trainees concept map on Sumerian society. The trainee wrote a claim, mentioned proof, and explained their concepts. This is an enjoyable alternative to composing an essay.

My Canva exploration continues.
I understand I have actually just begun to check out the various possibilities offered through Canva for Education; these are the discoveries Ive made by playing around with the website. Its such a fantastic sensation to discover a platform that continues to grow in ways that delight and challenge me and my trainees.

Our Sustainability Unit falls during Black History Month this year, so I used Canva to create a slide discussion and a Pear Deck presentation that highlight the link in between ecological justice and Black History. The discussions looked special and were simple to make and easy for students to reproduce in their own work.

Question of the Day slides.
I begin every class with a “Question of the Day” which is an opportunity for students to reconnect with their table groups, start a conversation for partnership by having a low-stakes conversation, and enable tardy students to settle in without feeling stressed.
Ive had so much fun making colorful Question of the Day slides to share with students. They might be related to what we are discovering, pop culture, or upcoming holidays.

This is the flashcard template that I modified for the Halloween sweet question.And heres a Question of the Day where students had to discuss which of the popular breakfast items should be gotten rid of from the cafeteria menu.

Using Canva to augment projects.
For a formative evaluation on our lessons about the repatriation of artifacts, I desired to offer students an option of different civilizations and whether they check out a short article or viewed a video clip. I created a Canva file connecting the four options, as well as an image to stimulate trainee interest.
Choices for your formative assessmenton the repatriation of artifacts.
During our study of Hammurabis Code, I utilized Canva to design posters breaking down various sections of the beginning to the code. Trainees turned in groups to read excerpts, go over concerns, and acquire a much better understanding of what Hammurabi was trying to achieve with his intro.
These posters were then spent time the class for trainees to refer back to throughout the unit.

The primary difference Ive found (after several years with the complimentary version) is the amount of options offered to me. There are lots of more design templates, video clips, and artwork/images readily available in a premium account.
With the paid subscription, Ive had the ability to make YouTube brain break videos based on our content, school, country, etc. As soon as I made the template, it is so easy to swap out background and images for a new subject, which my trainees in Singapore discover truly fun.

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