ACT Writing Prompts

While you will not understand the ACT writing timely youll be getting ahead of time, there are definitely ways to practice for this section of the test. There are several example prompts directly from the ACT so you may even get a real timely thats comparable to your practice ones!

What is the ACT Writing?

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The ACT Writing is a section of the ACT that is optional. Trainees who choose to take this portion of the examination will be entrusted with composing an essay within 40 minutes. Each trainee will receive the very same writing timely that explains a complicated issue and includes three various point of views. Individuals need to write their essay on the problem and their own viewpoint of the issue.

You are welcome to take any viewpoint you d like on the prompt as you will not be graded on your perspective. Ball game is instead based on concepts, analysis, development, support, organization, and language use.

Tips for Taking the ACT Writing

You should definitely prep just as you would for any other area of the ACT if you decide to take the ACT composing portion of the examination! Practice will certainly help here, however you do not have to write practice essay after practice essay. There are other methods to enhance your writing including:

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Writing anything … not just essays! Get creative.
Write in different formats
Take part in clubs or after-school activities that include writing
Put additional effort into your composing projects
Have someone offer feedback on your writing
Keep in mind that writing is a process
Start with preparing and brainstorming; end with editing
Ask your English teacher for help
Read (and write) example ACT Writing prompts
If youre taking a practice ACT composing section, practice it as if it was the genuine deal. Provide yourself just 40 minutes with no disruptions.

When it comes time to take the main ACT writing area keep in mind to:

Take some time to brainstorm– dont rush in
Develop the focus of your essay early
Create a layout for your essay to help you remain on track
You must have three body paragraphs
Include a thesis
Read over your work

ACT Writing Prompts

If you do decide for the ACT Writing portion of the examination, its crucial to be prepared. Do you understand what colleges are searching for in the ACT? Our College Match tool will help you recognize schools expectations prior to you sit for your test.

There are several ACT composing examples offered online, including from the official ACT site. In addition to ACT samples, the site also explains how scoring works and breaks down why a sample essay got a specific rating.

If you do choose for the ACT Writing portion of the test, its essential to be prepared.

One of the best things you can do is review (and potentially compose) practice ACT Writing prompts. You need to try to compose a couple, however preparing and conceptualizing will certainly be crucial here as composing every single essay will take a lot of time that might be used elsewhere for ACT prep.

The ACT Writing is an area of the ACT that is optional. If you decide to take the ACT writing portion of the examination, you need to definitely prep simply as you would for any other section of the ACT! One of the best things you can do is review (and possibly write) practice ACT Writing prompts. You ought to try to compose a couple, but planning and conceptualizing will definitely be key here as writing every single essay will take a lot of time that could be utilized in other places for ACT prep.

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