A Simple Guide to How to View Your ACT Scores

You havent paid your registration or associated costs.
Your admission ticket info doesnt match your day of test information.
Files showed up late from the testing center.
There were irregularities reported from the screening.

Keep reading to learn more about inspecting your ACT ratings, what they indicate, and when theyre released
Your ACT ratings, when launched, can be discovered on your MyACT Account that you developed to sign up for the examination. Writing scores, if you took the optional ACT composing part of the test, will be seen 2 weeks following the release of your numerous option outcomes. If you think your ACT score has mistakes, nevertheless, the ACT offers the Score Verification Service for both portions of the exam (several option and writing). And do not worry if your ratings are lower than you expected– you can always retake the ACT!

What Do ACT Scores Mean?
Your ACT results will be broken up into five separate grades: Composite, Math, Reading, Science, and English.
Each is graded between 1 and 36 points, with 36 being the greatest. Your Composite Score is the average of the 4 areas of the ACT (Math, Reading, Science, and English). ACT percentiles can even more determine how well you did compared to other trainees who also took the exam.
FAQ About ACT Scores.
When it comes to your ACT ratings and when theyre released, here are some of the more regularly asked concerns we see!
How Can I Send my ACT Results to Colleges?
This suggests your outcomes will instantly be sent to these schools when your results are released. After the examination scores are launched, you can pick extra schools for a cost (the initial options are free).
You can constantly refrain from choosing a school or remove them from your list if you arent sure you desire to send your outcomes to a college just yet. It will cost you that fee to include them later.
My ACT Has a Scoring Error– What Should I Do?
You can request a copy of your ACTs responses and concerns as long as your test date and center are qualified. If approved, you will receive the concerns, responses, response secret, composing timely, scorinrubricic, composing ratings, and scoring directions. This can be especially convenient if you desire to utilize your previous test as a study guide for your next effort, but it can likewise be used to determine scoring errors (though these mistakes hardly ever occur).
If you believe your ACT score has mistakes, however, the ACT uses ball game Verification Service for both portions of the examination (multiple choice and writing). You can request that the ACdouble-checkck your outcomes for as much as 12 months after your test date. Representatives will review your reaction and verify your score.
There is a charge for this service, however if mistakes are discovered, your ratings will be adjusted and the cost will be refunded.
What if There are Other Errors, Not Related to Scoring, On My ACT Results?
If you find other errors on your ACT report or MyACT account, connect to ACT Customer Care as soon as possible. You can likewise change your address if you have actually moved by contacting them.
How Do I Access My ACT Scores if Im a NonTraditional Student?
If youre heading back to school after several years and need an ACT/SAT score to use, you can still access your ACT rating report by logging into MyACT. You can reach out to the ACT for additional support if you have issues accessing your account.
Its crucial to keep in mind, however, that sending older ACT ratings to colleges costs more money ($ 43).
The waiting video game after you take the ACT can be demanding. To fill the time, we recommend getting a running start on your college applications and scholarships! And do not worry if your scores are lower than you expected– you can constantly retake the ACT!
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How can you view your ACT ratings? Keep checking out to learn more about examining your ACT scores, what they indicate, and when theyre released
How to Check Your ACT Scores
Your ACT ratings, when released, can be discovered on your MyACT Account that you produced to sign up for the examination. They can not be accessed in any other method (phone, e-mail, and so on). There are resources for recovering e-mails and passwords if you have difficulty signing in.
When Are ACT Scores Released?
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In the majority of cases, multiple-choice scores are provided 2 weeks after your test date. Composing ratings, if you took the optional ACT writing part of the test, will be seen 2 weeks following the release of your multiple choice results. In some cases, it may be 8 to 10 weeks before you see your outcomes, so dont worry if you do not see your ratings by the 2-week mark..
If, there could be hold-ups in your results being launched.

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