5 Top Grammar Mistakes College Students Make

Do you know where the library is at?
They told me, the library, is on the West side of Campus.
I am going to the library now so I can examine out some books on history and biology and medication so I can keep studying for my tests this weekend..
Not only do they make your essays more difficult to read, but these mistakes can likewise actually bring down your grades. From improper use of commas to who vs whom, there are a lot of grammatical errors students can make, too.

5 Top Grammar Mistakes Even Top College Students Make.
1. Commas.
Lots of trainees (and even college graduates) abuse commas. They include too many, include insufficient, utilize them in hanging modifiers, and more! They forget to add them at the end when they use the word “too,” too..
Substance sentences are a typical place to discover misused commas..
Inaccurate: He likes canines, and cats.Correct: He likes canines and cats.Correct: He likes dogs, and he likes cats.
Compound sentences can also be missing a necessary comma.
Incorrect: I selected up my feline and my mom entered into the other room.Correct: I got my cat, and my mother went into the other room.
In the first sentence, a reader may wrongly check out that you got your feline and your mother!
Commas can certainly be confusing, however. If you wish to find out more about their appropriate use and other mistakes you could be making with them, we suggest you inspect out this valuable article from Grammarly..
2. Unneeded Capitalization.
Among the top grammar errors, is unneeded capitalization! This one can be an apparent mistake to spot, however people still make it!
The only other instances words should be capitalized consist of:.

Words in a title.
The very first words of sentences.
Particular words for directions.
Certain words for family relationships.
Proper adjectives.

3. Sentence Fragments.
We met on campus. Where we studied.
” We satisfied on school” is a total sentence, but “where we studied”– not a lot. This example is a bit more obvious than it might remain in your writing, but insufficient sentences, or sentence fragments, can make following a point extremely tough.
And its definitely fine to utilize sentences that begin with but, and, or, and since! This is actually taught to primary trainees to assist them prevent sentence fragments.
4. Run-On Sentences.
On the other side of the fence, run-on sentences are also a problem for college trainees. They might have several concepts that connect to one another and, rather of making different sentences, string them completely in one..
A great general rule is to read over your exercise loud. If your sentence is so long that you forget what the initial point was, its hard to follow, or makes you out of breath, its extremely most likely its a run-on sentence!
5. Its vs Its.
Simply like their, there, and theyre, “its” and “its” can be complicated, and when youre typing quickly, its really simple to mistype the wrong one..
Although you may say something like, “The felines toy had lots of catnip.” with an apostrophe to signify possession, its the opposite with “its” You would instead state “Its toy had lots of catnip.”.
Thats since “its” actually refers to a combination and is “it is.”.
Attempt reading the sentence out loud if youre ever trying to figure out which one is best (since youre working late into the night). Does “its” fit or “it is?” This will assist you get to the right answer!
How Can You Avoid These Grammatical Errors and Others?
Fortunately, there are plenty of tools, resources, and techniques you can use to find these grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and complicated sentences in your essay..
The totally free version assists you determine run-on sentences, incorrect comma use, spelling errors, and more. It will even explain why its incorrect!
Google Docs and Other Documentation Tools.
Even expert authors are not exempt from making grammatical errors. Its not uncommon to see a mistake or more in a released book. The editor missed out on the mistake, too!
Due to the fact that it assists me determine mistakes I might have neglected, Im really composing this on Google Docs myself! Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and LibreOffice can all have settings that can be turned on to assist you discover those mistakes, too.
You should always, always, constantly read over your work to avoid these top grammar errors before you submit it to your teacher. Taking this extra step will help you compose for flow as well as assist you in capturing grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and insufficient or run-on sentences.
Everyone makes grammatical mistakes from time to time, and its definitely all right to let them slip. Nevertheless, you need to constantly take steps to avoid them as much as possible as a lot of can definitely have an effect on your grade. A lot of and it might even assess your GPA..
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Not only do they make your essays harder to check out, but these mistakes can also really bring down your grades. From incorrect usage of commas to who vs whom, there are a lot of grammatical errors students can make, too. If youre ever trying to figure out which one is ideal (due to the fact that youre working late into the night), try reading the sentence out loud. The free version helps you identify run-on sentences, improper comma use, spelling errors, and more. Taking this extra action will assist you compose for flow as well as help you in capturing grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and insufficient or run-on sentences.

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