10 Awesome Podcasts for High School Students

Podcasts are taking the world by storm and theyre not just for normal adult topics. They vary in a variety of topics and are extremely informative, especially for high school students who wish to become aware of all things college and beyond. Podcasts arent dull conversations anymore! There are science podcasts, thought-provoking podcasts, and even funny podcasts about every topic. Theyre inviting, useful, and practical for those who listen to them. And, they are convenient to listen to since you can listen while youre studying, in the car, working out, or just hanging out around your home.
Weve put together our podcast suggestion list. These are readily available on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts. Here are some of our favorite podcasts for high school students..

10 Awesome Podcasts for Students.
How to College: First Gen.
How to College: First Gen was created by first-generation college students who did not have the family support that others may have had because since their familyHousehold educational academic. Whether youre a first-generation college trainee or not, this podcast is additional practical for everyone. A Conversation with our High School Selves is a great podcast for high school students.
2. TED Talks Daily.
If youre in the world of podcasts and motivational talks, then you know what a TED Talk is. Routines that can improve your profession, the benefits of not being a jerk to yourself, and how to be a grownup are all subjects covered in this podcast. We like this podcast for college trainees and high school trainees due to the fact that they can find out things other than normal college life suggestions.
3. How to Do Everything.
From handling frustrating co-workers to discovering water in the desert, this NPR podcast has got you covered. Episodes have not aired because 2016, however there are over 200 offered for students to listen to right now! This podcast is funny and useful for young listeners who are searching for something on the lighter side..
4. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes.
As trainees transition from high school to college, the modification to college can feel frustrating and their sense of self might begin to fall apart. Personal advancement podcasts like “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes” aid students implement strategies in their lives to set them up for success, specifically after they say goodbyes to their high school life. Episodes cover subjects like developing great habits and cultivating significant relationships to help trainees ended up being successful grownups in ALL areas of their lives..
5. How to Money.
Knowing how to handle money as a high school trainee may seem challenging, especially if you have no one to help you out. How to Money by iHeartPodcasts assists with settling financial obligation, investing, and saving. Financial literacy for high schoolers and university student is essential to success for their future selves, particularly if theyre getting loans. This excellent resource assists trainees and teenagers with managing money while being reasonable..
6. Duolingo Podcast.
The Duolingo Podcast is perfect for high school trainees who want to improve their language skills. Its a fun way to listen and find out, particularly if you want to go beyond your high school language abilities.
7. College Life Podcast.
Interviews with existing and graduated university student make this podcast best for high schoolers. Its a terrific guide to discovering internships, altering your significant, and more! Episodes vary from simply a few minutes to an hour making it a great listen for students who need range. In some cases you dont wish to listen to a full hour, and College Life Podcast suits adequate recommendations for you to digest in a few minutes!
8. College Planning Simplified.
Going to college? Enjoyable! Planning for college? Not as enjoyable. College Planning Simplified does exactly as they say. Simplifying all things college planning permits high school trainees to concentrate on something at a time and get what they require done for the next chapter of their lives..
9. Majoring in Mentality.
Your psychological health is very essential, which is why we enjoy this podcast for high school trainees AND university student. Savannah speaks about things like conquering social anxiety and redefining failure. This podcast is fairly new but were thrilled to listen to the upcoming episodes and deal with our mental health together.
10. Inside the Admissions Office.
As a high school student, the college admissions procedure can seem intimidating. Inside the Admissions Office helps high school students with all things that are application-related!
High school students, college trainees, and young adults can all gain from listening to these podcasts. From financial resources to college planning, weve got you covered! Even if youre listening while youre cleaning up or driving to school, take a while to buy your future self..
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There are science podcasts, thought-provoking podcasts, and even funny podcasts about every topic. We love this podcast for college trainees and high school trainees because they can learn things other than typical college life recommendations. Interviews with present and graduated college students make this podcast ideal for high schoolers. Your mental health is extremely important, which is why we like this podcast for high school trainees AND college students. High school students, college trainees, and young grownups can all benefit from listening to these podcasts.

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